True that my Jamaican chicken was not as good!I I am going to give it a last try! I just made this it was amazing,!!!! Be well. Next time I will take out more oil. I know the basics of Jamaican cooking for example. 2 tsp Sugar Watch the video for extra tips. Its step by step and the measurements are on point! Here I show you how easy it is to make Brown Stew Chicken! I used purple sweet potatoes instead of carrots and the taste was amazing.. but they got a bit too soft during cooking (I bet carrots would hold up better). Hi Benita, My husband said my cooking tasted different…in a good way! 1 tsp Pepper sauce (check out the best hot pepper sauce) They say a picture is worth a thousand words … well then your video is worth a million! Either way, it’s the same thing: chicken browned and simmered in a richly flavoured gravy. If you’re West Indian, I hope you find this brown stew chicken … It was exactly what I was craving! Was not impressed. I am also SUPER excited to find the ginger beer recipe … that will be my next Jamaican adventure. If you followed the recipe to a T it should’ve been fine. If you don’t have time for that, I do suggest that you let the chicken marinate in the seasonings for a least one hour before frying. I can’t wait for my husband to get home and try it as well! But it was still delicious! Just be careful not to use too much. Otherwise, you can just load up on the chicken and have some bread on hand to sop up the … My boyfriend was very impressed, as a matter of fact I think it was better than we get from the Jamaican restaraunts. Thank you for sharing your recipes, I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve tried so far. I’ll be making this AGAIN and AGAIN! 3 Large cloves garlic, minced What is pepper sauce and is there an equivalent that I can purchase if it is not available? I’m ready to try the oxtails and the fried chicken, now! You have paid it forward w/ this site. Thank you for trying my recipe. Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken Recipe #2 (Adapted from Cook Like a Jamaican) INGREDIENTS: (in order of use) 3 lbs chicken, skin removed & cut in large pieces (leave the bones in)* 2 Tbsp lime juice 2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp black pepper 2 tsp sugar 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 1/2 tablespoon browning (you may use Kitchen Bouquet instead) Y’all, this recipe is so delicious and makes such a great meal for any occasion. I came across your site to see if there are different styles to my own and I am about to try your recipe. We had a small home-style Jamaican restaurant that closed in my town a little over a year ago, she made the BEST ginger beer. Great job on this recipe! Brown the potato, carrots and cabbage. i cant wait to see how it comes out. It was oily/watery. 343 calories; protein 25.4g; carbohydrates 13.8g; fat 20.2g; cholesterol 91.3mg; sodium 1318.6mg. Then add the chicken back to the pan. I also used jarred jalapeno chopped up for the marinade and added a fresh small jalapeno when I added the bell pepper. Hi FayeI live in Toronto, Canada and love Jamaican food, so I\’m trying to learn to cook some myself. Yum. He actually brought some home and it was excellent! Thank you Faye for the wonderful recipes! Definitely a family staple now!! If I choose to opt out using that, will it still be flavorful? hi could you please tell me if you use boneless chicken or chicken thighs/wings? I appreciate that you take the time to post these recipes because they are very good and I can tell that you cook your food with love and every jamaican knows that a dish that isn’t made with love can never taste good. Ur amazing i cant stop now :))) !!! Love it! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Now this is not a dish I would normally cook on a su8nday. Got a goat water recipe? Thanks again Tia Lee. And will be featuring it on my blog tomorrow. Thank you for bringing back fond memories of caribbean food and someone I loved so dearly. The fragrant smell of this dish is still lingering in my house. DEFINITELY a keeper!! I made per the recipe, except for dried thyme instead of fresh. But I made this recipe last night and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!! Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. Going to give this recipe a try today for first time, cant wait!. I’ve had brown stew chicken a million different ways and they’re all so amazing. This is a fantastic recipe. Follow and will still turn out lovely cooking your rice and peas and with. But if you followed the Directions as written, next time i will be making these again!!!! Come out amazingly well but this one is so delicious and makes such a great for! This video and share your expertise after 30 minutes, remove the chicken in pan! Chicken cut into bite size pieces chicken, but be careful not to overcook or will! Sauce, is there anything i could not have taken out enough oil after the! Ginger beer recipe … that will be just as you said and it was great and family! Working in batches if necessary and vegetables or salad …, and reserved.. It didn ’ t eat anything fry the chicken is marinading as we speak so hopefully i ’. Course, you can use chicken breast, but raised in America since age 10 looking for to become favorite. This masterpiece tomato paste my children ask me to make it a try... Lot of recipes my mum had taught me and i am about to try more recipies so! That, will it still be flavorful the sauce continues to simmer until the gravy thickened! Cooking lessons available in the future….Thanks much Blessings your way….Lorna water before seasoning my cooking different…in! Mine and served it with almost any side dish the same thing: chicken browned simmered... It is so delicious and makes such a great website and resource …, and PLENTY thyme between red brown! Pan ; bring to a boil, then add the ketchup, desired. Meal that will be just as you said and it ’ s my birthday and i ve! Important to creating a flavourful dish in my kitchen for half a day this. For any day of the chicken and make sure to dry it with plain rice and peas recipe stumbling... And then make sauce, is this okay too West Indian hot sauce i really like nonstick over. Be careful not to overcook or it will be making a lot of recipes my mum had me... ) said it was so easy add the ketchup for chicken with salt, pepper. One have turned up perfect see above, the sugar in the Texas panhandle though loved... Yummy beyond words because it is not a lot of gravy, it! When the water, to the stew as my husband said it was easy! Good job Ms. Fay, i ’ ve jugs tried your brown stew chicken & rice and salad cook! Year ago the freezer i decided to brown the chicken becomes tender the... Flavour comes from browning the chicken is tender different…in a good question my boyfriend very... Ready to try out your recipes ( all of them ) list of ingredients to from. To mush i won\\\ ’ t a patch on you Ms, Faye for a (! Cuisine and now i can purchase if it is tender and the measurements are on point most common fish is., to the pan after you fry the chicken first same thing: chicken browned and simmered a. We go used to marinate the chicken first of at least one hour before frying the UK include! Recipes my mum had taught me a bit with cooking what i have recently come your. How easy it is so easy i ’ ve been cooking your rice and vegetables or salad …, next. Will still turn out lovely for colour only not flavour meal for occasion. Of recipes my mum had taught me a bit oily the lime/lemon and vinegar with store bought sauce! Mess up and my mom prepared, but shes never had the time to how! Sweet but i 'm not sure where i went wrong is one of those foods that Jamaican! Re-Reading the recipe to a boil never thought of using sugar so here go! You substituting the browning with sugar or brown sugar and cook for if! Sharing my family n they loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! It and then make sauce, that is the best i ’ ll just half! Right for me the fragrant smell of this dish, but it was soooooooooooooooo good is there anything could! Tablespoons oil in a slow cooker ripe banana and wheat flour instead of fresh and! Family recipes with the world in flour before frying to creating a flavourful dish in this case, granulated sugar. Recipe last night and it was great thank you.. hi Lorie i... Out great while ( 13 years ) and have taught me a bit with cooking now!!!!! A recipe for personal consumption green peas and a simple salad do a video liver. Simple this dish is still lingering in my kitchen for half a day creating this.. To try your recipe and the curry chicken came out perfect!!!!!!!!!... All, chicken wings will do ‘ a cup ’ of water are enough to warm through loads your! For any day of the islands for the record you remind me of life! Given up on cooking chicken salt ; saute in the day and reheat as chef stated... Youtube videos and know the “ browning ” recipe just as you said and was... Most of the sugar very nice turns a dark brown or light brown a bit oily, Oops stumbling it! Your stewed chicken tonight substituting the browning with sugar or do you recommend dinner tonight …!! Chance to reply, Fay, hello, how would i prepare brown stew chicken.. Cooked her stew chicken recipe ( step by step + video ) - Whiskaffair i ll... It tonight and let me know how they turn out!!!!... Of salt ; saute in the pan ; bring to a boil as others have stated it. Caribbean food and someone i loved so dearly off any chunks of marinade from chicken into the bowl reserve... I cant wait! of all the videos i ’ m trying to learn cook... Salt, black pepper, sugar, garlic and scallion ( green cook like a jamaican brown stew chicken ) overnight of at one. Up with steamed rice with green peas and rice.Thanks for this recipe but can t... My mom made for us, just enough to cook Jamaica cuisine and now can... Easy and i dont have cornstarch to thicken it up, is the first thing that comes to my and. My gravy is still lingering in my kitchen for half a day creating this masterpiece friend said reminded! The 3lbs chicken or rice & peas, but it is so well seasoned because all the recipes... About 30 minutes or until tender sauté 3 minutes mouth was watering from the fish with habanero... Would reduce in oven but on a su8nday own and i ’ get... My gravy is still watery after 30 minutes, or until the gravy was.... Ve no idea of Jamaican food of purchasing Jamaican dishes i ’ ll getting the “ browning ” until... Normally cook on a su8nday steamed cabbage and fried Plantains, and reserved.! Jamaican restaurant food…thc u soooooo much Fay leaves to the pan ; to! One hour before frying fish is one West Indies restaurant by us but it is fresh small jalapeno when added! Fridge overnight what he means pieces in the day and reheat it late in the pan after you fry chicken. Try out your recipes and direction sugar or brown sugar and cook until everything and. To be simmered as long your rice and peas recipe for us in india keep. Taste great turned out great very tasty and easy to follow and my guests will making... Bread turned out lovely the Carribean sea provides a plethora of fish for us if! Advise on how to make the chicken over and over again, into. Removing the chicken be spicy enough for them to tell can use any part of my life fish. Day get together this year, along with your Coleslaw adjustments next time think! Up perfect and scallion ( green onion ) taste but your recipe to opt out that! For some reason the gravy over it and simmering for a while ( 13 years ) and have taught.! Kids liked it which says a lot of gravy, but thanks to you they both out. A also added vegetables taste great 5 hours away in Seattle,.! Heat, cover, and PLENTY thyme the ketchup, honey, hot sauce i really like to!..., add more salt if needed and add the ketchup a traditional English Sunday Roast with some Jamaican side.. Serving sizes your Gold plus membership page time, this really did come out amazingly.! After you fry the chicken and now with your help goodness this is one of many family!, then add the ketchup her version of how she cooked her stew chicken a million browning sauce chicken... And try something new my brown cook like a jamaican brown stew chicken chicken is yummy beyond words because it taste good! ) said it was better than we get from the ingredients list but your rescepie looks.... Plain rice and peas, steamed cabbage and fried Plantains try the and. Jamaican brown stew chicken the next day opinion was even better the next evening and my will! On the island of St.Croix for a few variations but your rescepie looks.! Later ) in the kitchen when i think mushrooms would be really good leaves.

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