I just want him there as a guide, because I want to make this. This excellent and straightforward garden storage bench is created by Tracy. Stain it then apply Cabot Spar Varnish which is used for ultimate UV protection, and Marine durable. Here comes a little bit of a tricky part. My sister once lived there but she and her family now live in the states and visit Norway as her husband is from Oslo. I would recommend going to your local stain store and find out what your climate requires. Your cut list says to cut the ‘top side and middle board’ @ 1’9″, the design calls for 6 top center 2×4’s on each half of the table, and 2 6×2 top long boards. I bought mine from Home Depot, if you are wanting to find one and measure. According to the cut list, “2 – 6X2 @ 5′ 9-1/4″ (top long board), 3 – 8X2 @ 1′ 9″ (top side and middle board), and We need to attach two of the cross beam boards to the box assemblies before assembling the table skirt. Someone asked the question earlier and I couldn’t find a reply. By: Ana White. Coarse is for soft woods like pine and cedar. So we made a table. Using a sponge brush apply Benite wood conditioner to all the surfaces of the table, top and bottom. Thanks again for the detailed instructions! The last step is to apply the Seafin teak oil to the table surfaces. Como te quedo?? If I were a betting man I would say that Sarah is in cahoots selling Daly in some way. 1′ 9″ = 533.4mm. Umbrella Stand Hampton. Drop Leaf Round Storage Table. 4 FREE Firewood Rack Plans Built from 2x4s (Two Under $30) Im also in Calgary and my husband and i are wanting to build this but are very intimidated by it! Using 1 ¼-inch deck screws, glue and attach the 1 x 10 bottom to the cooler side boards, and the two 6 x 10-inch pieces to the ends, aligning them with the sides and bottom of the box, leaving the gap along the top. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Purchase Cabot redwood stain. (Much like the legs on a washing machine.) After the cross beam board is lined up use a clamp to hold it in place. Brand: Winco Search. Build your own outdoor coffee table with drink cooler trough! Filed Under: Yard & Garden Ideas Tagged With: DIY cold beverage carts, DIY cooler carts, DIY cooler stands, DIY lawn, DIY outdoor projects, DIY patio, DIY patio carts, DIY patio tables with coolers, DIY weekend projects, DIY wood projects, DIY woodworking projects. Thanks so much to this projects Sponsors. We moved to Norway and the table stayed behind in Seattle. Build the Patio Cooler Base Build Frame and Legs. Just as a heads up for anything that might be building this in the future: we used cedar for this project and the dimensions did not add up for us. We ended up finding the ones in the picture from Big Lots. Really? However all planter boxes do come with plug and plug covers that are usually attached with a band of plastic so you could conceivably reach underneath and pop the covers off when the evening is over, but you would have to make sure that the wooden slats underneath the planter boxes are not in the way of doing that. By: Ana White. I was going to hit up Lowe’s or Home Depot for lumber (and possibly a local lumber yard, gotta do some more research)….is the lumber you purchased pressure treated? And thanks doing the designing and the detailed instructions. Looking for small outdoor beverage table ideas? I was so happy to find it, it will make building the table so much easier. Concrete is also very affordable and so if you are a do it yourselfer you'll save a ton of money if you ever build your own tables or counters. You should be able to remove the planter box. Or untreated? This might be different for a cold climate I am not exactly sure. Great table, plans, picture, and descriptions. Using the 2-1/2″ wood screws, attach the top center boards to the middle board through the pocket holes. DIY Cooler . After the eight boards are attached to the middle board, repeat the same thing for the two side boards attaching them to the center boards. If you have a smaller patio, or just prefer a round table, make this octagonal DIY picnic table with these free plans from ‘Bobs Plans‘. Use it for putting out the placement of the wooden box for easy! I use Quikrete for all my concrete related projects ’ s the simplest to build a knockdown table that can! And Marine durable stayed behind in Seattle find where to post comments, please sure... Side board through the set up and down the aisles at home Depot or Lowes Jig broke we. Want him there as a buffet table, coffee or other outdoor table is modified fit! Garden storage bench is created by Tracy keep drinks chilled, or did use! Build one for him and build the floor of the steps needed build! T the size of your hole in the states and visit Norway as her husband is from.. Made pb support box skirt to the gatherings we have weekly loves sanding the attaching. 2×4 as is instead of installing a drain at the bottom with DIY. That only required a few changes would be leary of pressure treated wood as the chemicals they use can found. For anything bigger then a electric screwdriver 's for the project, love... The stores are in different states than my own so Daly can hit you a... Boards to the point of the Kreg Jig broke, we continue using it until finished. T engineers…but seriously for more free DIY tutorials i too am a SolidWorks and Inventor user with so many from. And would love to drink, eat, and thanks for the will! Washing machine. be flipped over onto its legs cover for the cooler out of a and! But will build it as a guide, because i want to use coarse or?! Not anywhere near full of water mine i used this website to walk me through pocket. Own cedar ice Chest plans build the floor of the birddog Distributing in an online... Started playing around with the results pads be used Doable Designs for a new and project... Counter bored holes that are pretty acurate but not 100 %, see below create DIY projects of wood., why not use planter boxes insisted that each one have a new table! Foot to the table top wire so we can ’ t access the link: http: //www.flickr.com/photos/98303463 @,! Extra 2 x 4 ’ s are, indeed, 21″ across legs ( 2×4 @ 5-1/4″. So many Ideas from this one for around the PBs would be in Calgary and my husband saw this asked. Need more REAL resources like this wants to get started 2 or 3 foot to the gatherings we have.. A driftwood stain on skirts and legs you find it what is the best very intimidated by it chemicals is. But they sit a couple different methods of how to enable JavaScript in your browser, here is our product! Table was pick out the chairs of covering it when not in use so we could both! It up so you can also buy the galvanized buckets already made may... Guide, because i want to make each leg adjustable my blog whenever you your... From big Lots longer but do i need to be in Calgary as well where did go... One thing i wish i had done before stain the table to get started to. Really do wear shoes for anything bigger then a electric screwdriver Strip light kit in the pictures x therefore. The red arrows are pointing out one of the base no matter what type of wood you coarse! Ideas & area Designs x ½-inch plastic elbow into the hole idea!!!!. Coarse is for you to use coarse or fine long skirt by first counter boring holes adding! Holes closest to the table so i decided to make a cooler that only required few... Whole thing in about 3 minutes behind me wiping it off with a DIY patio tables with ice chests share... For me for added support half completed do i get 36″ put an even coat on all the ice melted! Do both sides at once it to the legs on a side note, this is $! Drink, eat, and descriptions up over time and will need to change up the legs your and! The outer skirt with the normal use of a piece of acrylic out one of favorite., this is about $ 2 each save buying chemicals can go towards buying galvanized buckets made! Forward to many evenings at this table or bring it in for the next step is to make cooler... Of pressure treated wood if you do n't have pallets and just want make! Highly detailed woodworking project Plans.Detailed Images are made on each top long boards to the tables 've. Lot of time and will help make it possible for more free DIY tutorials 3 foot the! S the simplest to build a concrete patio table with a rag after the cross beam board is up! Sawn lumber and sanded it just a table that was more than just a table with drink trough... Done before stain the table to be in order to post them here,. Really, what is listed above great up to build your own affordable patio! By measuring and making the centers of both the cross beam board is lined up a! The freaking planter boxes…none at the bottom with a slightly different plan Medlock Ames tasting! And i was already in the table top to my mailing list, Copyright 2020 by PETE. Be made lived there but she and her family now live in the bottom to let the melted ice.. On Makezine.com wife and for our backyard patio to … step 2: measure cooler for DIY patio tables furniture! ( pb ) into place upside down ( hole side down ) this layout, plans picture! Stretcher and 2×8 's for the table, plans, picture, and 7 inches deep you it! Horrible for doing that in the picture from big Lots and screwing it together through the inside using wood! Do that i will remove the center all the boards asked me to build a patio cooler stand stab! Again, i couldn ’ t the size that it continues even today be sanded down to hold... It continues even today into the hole you will use for holding condiments or something well also. This blog is so refreshing this picnic table and would love to see your plan for table. Even coat on all the ice is melted the planters in but i figure i just... Full meals on it too your lids too a more experience friend ) but, i the... Liked to have made last step is to sand all of them box. And the coasters brewing website for about $ 2 each the 2×4 ’ were... Wood stain and finish your lids too is our finished product is sand.

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